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BTV is located physically in the SCC room 339.

We have a YouTube channel here .

We have a Facebook page here .



BTV is a Brandeis secured student-run club that provides resources for students to create and distribute multimedia projects.

We work in conjunction with the Getz Lab to provide equipment and editing solutions for our members.

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BTV’s board currently consists of four members:

Rohan Narayanan – President
Ethan Roseman -Webmaster and Technology Coordinator
Mica Unger – Secretary
Imogen Rosenbluth – Treasurer
Alex Weick – Director of Programming

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BTV holds regular meetings on Mondays at 8.

Projects and Info

2013-2014 Projects

2013-2014 Projects

We worked on all sorts of projects in the 2013-2014 school year. On top...
Interviews at Chum’s

Interviews at Chum’s

Imogen Rosenbluth and Shikha Chandarana are interviewing the performers at Chum’s on Saturday nights!...


Check here to see some of our older content! Ethan Mermelstein ’12 created a...
Other Projects

Other Projects

We have a number of active members who produce content such as comedy shorts,...
Deisian Couple

Deisian Couple

Check out the 2012-2013 board’s miniseries, Deisian Couple!